What time does everything get started on race day?

Sign in opens at 7:30am the morning of the race, rider’s meeting is at 8:45 with practice getting underway at 9am.

I sent in my membership but still haven’t received my membership card.

Membership cards are available for pick-up on race day at the registration trailer. Please allow 1 week from the day you submit your membership form.

I don’t know if I will like racing? Is there a way to try it without committing to a full race membership?

Yes, day passes are available at the track for $40/each. Your race entry fees will be additional. After purchasing three day passes you will be automatically upgraded to a full race membership for the remainder of the year. Series points will not be awarded to day pass riders, until the 4th race after they have been upgraded to a full race membership.

The results/point standings on the website are not correct.

Please e-mail admin@cmxracing.ca with any errors or concerns regarding results/point standings.

The weather station is calling for rain on the weekend, will the race be canceled?

Motocross races are held rain or shine. The only time an event will be canceled due to weather is in extreme events such as lighting, severe weather alerts, or excessive rain that makes the track impossible to ride. We try our best to give you as much notice as possible regarding any cancellations through email, or you can sign up for our instant text message service.

Do my bike numbers have to be a certain color?

No , the following is the recommended color combinations if you are going to race the trans can…..

Class Number / Background

  • 50cc (4 – 6) Red on White
  • 50cc (7 – 8) Black on White
  • 65cc Red on White
  • 85cc (7 – 11) Red on White
  • 85cc (12 – 16) Black on White
  • Ladies White on Blue
  • Beginner/Junior Red on White
  • Intermediate Black on Yellow
  • Pro 125 White on Black
  • Pro 250 Black on White
  • Mini Tykes Black on White
  • Mini Pee Wee Black on White

What equipment do I HAVE to wear when racing?

Although we suggest that you wear ALL available safety equipment when racing, you will be permitted to race providing your equipment consists of a D.O.T approved helmet, goggles, protective pants, long sleeve jersey, protective boots with ankle protection, and gloves.

If I can’t stay until the end of race day to pick up my trophy, how do I get it?

If you know another rider that can pick up your trophy for you that would be ideal, if not, trophies will be held in the registration trailer for you to pick up for a maximum 2 weeks.

What is the schedule of events for race day?

7pm – 8:30pm – Early Registration Saturday evening

7:30am – 8:30 am – Sign-In
8:45am – Mandatory Riders Meeting
9am – Practice

Practice order will be announced during riders meeting. A race order will be posted during practice.

How will I know what my assigned bike number is?

Memberships that are purchased prior to race day will receive confirmation by phone or email of their assigned bike number. Racers who purchase their membership at the track on race-day will receive a temporary bike number for the day and they will be notified within 1 week with their assigned bike number.

Is there any way of finding out if the bike number I want is available?

Yes, you can e-mail admin@cmxracing.ca to inquire about available bike numbers. However, no numbers can be reserved until a membership form and payment have been received.

I’ve never raced before, which class should I compete in?

Aside from the 85cc, racers are classified first by skill level and secondly by bike size.

B classes– beginner racers A classes – racers with race experience and acquired skill Pro – professional level racers

I ride an 85cc bike and I am 11 years old right now but will be turning 12 during the motocross season, should I be competing in the 85cc (9 – 11) or 85cc (12 – 16) division?

Racers are categorized according to their age on January 1st of that year. Therefore, if a rider turns 12 during the race season he/she will be permitted to continue competing in the 85cc (9 – 11) division for the remainder of the season. If a racer wishes to move up to the next age category after their birthday they may do so, however they will no longer be permitted to compete in the younger division.

How does the “move-up” system work for riders in the Novice and Intermediate divisions?

When you compete in a class where “Upgrade Points” apply, you earn points by finishing overall in the top four. The points awarded are: 1st 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, 4th – 1 point. Once a racer has accumulated the required amount of upgrade points he/she will be required to advance to the higher class. If a rider obtains the required advancement points past the half-way point within a point series, they will be allowed to continue in their class until the end of that series.

To proceed from 65cc “B” to 65cc “A”, 18 advancement points are required.
To proceed from “Beginner to Junior”, 15 advancement points are required.
To proceed from “Junior to Intermediate”, 30 advancement points are required.
To proceed from “Int” to “Pro”, 40 advancement points are required.

Racers may request in writing to CMX Racing to advance to a higher class prior to accumulating the required amount of upgrade points, a decision will be made by the Race Director.