We are excited to announce the addition of SCHOOL BOY to our CMX line up. We have noted several conditions that occur in several other classes. It is our intention with the introduction of SCHOOL BOY to address these issues.  One issue occurring we see repeatedly is very large riders still on 85′s. While larger riders will still be eligible to ride 85′s many of these riders own a “SUPER MINI ”  those bikes are currently only permitted in GP MINI.  With SUPER MINI bikes being allowed in CMX SCHOOLBOY an option will now exist for larger riders on smaller cc bikes. It will also allow these riders an opportunity to ride with people that they will soon be competing against full time. Also with CMX allowing 250cc 4 strokes in school boy it will allow riders that have recently been promoted into the advanced class and may be running near the rear, an opportunity to possibly challenge for a moto win in SCHOOL BOY as many A riders choose to ride YOUTH as a second class. It will also give riders within these rules the possibility of running a third class.


SCHOOL BOY eligility is as follows

12 to 16 years of age

100 cc 2 stroke to 150cc 2 stroke BIG WHEEL ONLY

UP to 250cc 4 stroke BIG WHEEL ONLY